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February 1, 2016

Bundled, Tossed, Untied & Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

image* Gary Tyrrell has a list of forthcoming works from First Second.

* the cartoonist and artist Leela Corman will be releasing some work through Retrofit this year.

* one of my favorite old-school bloggers, Mike Sterling, extends on a recent Johanna Draper Carlson article about the return to the Direct Market of the Badger character and what that means to him as a retailer. That's 30 years ago those comics were being sold -- I can't imagine too many other media where a character from 30 years ago, published in a minor way since, would be expected to find market purchase. I like that character and wish the new work's creators well, but it does seem pretty odd. One of the reason I wonder if movies aren't a better home for some characters is I wonder how much story they have in them.

* Bleeding Cool caught something I didn't: we're far enough into their Secret Wars-related series rollouts that some of them are now being cancelled. I'm old enough that Marvel not being able to squeeze double-digits out of anything it might want to feels remarkable, but I imagine it happens a lot these days. See you, Black Knight. You'll likely have company soon.

* I don't do a lot of wandering through listings because it seems they get less and less trustworthy every half-year but if we get this Anders Nilsen book sometime this Fall I'll be happy.

* Spike Trotman doing a biographical work featuring Josephine Baker sounds like a very interesting and potentially successful project. We get that one in 2017.

* finally, here's a preview of a forthcoming series from Heavy Metal called The Doorman. The first issue of that is out in March. Also in March that same site has a preview of a Titan Comics series called Rivers Of London: Night Witch #1.
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