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March 28, 2016

Bundled, Tossed, Untied & Stacked: Publishing News


By Tom Spurgeon

* Julia Wertz announced via Facebook she'll be published in 2017 by Black Dog & Leventhal. That's a Hachette company now, and one I believe best known in comics circles for the relationship to the New Yorker, where Wertz has been publishing.

image* Hope Larson writes about her new gig as writer on Batgirl. The nice folks at ComicsAlliance did a fine job of assembling all of the WonderCon weekend-announced creative announcements on the Rebirth books -- that's DC's latest editorial-driven line overhaul, this time promising a back to basics approach and top titles receiving more than one issue a month. That should give them a slight boost in sales, if nothing else. Creatively, I think they still may have a problem finding top-of-the-line talent to cover as many books as they want to put out there. This can be exacerbated by using an editorial-driven approach like this one seems to be: it's harder for many artists to execute someone else's vision than it is for them to bring life to their own. Book to book it doesn't seem to me all that different from what they've been doing, although I'm not the target audience. It's all in the execution, and there can be great choices made in a way that we don't see until the books start coming out. I'm interested that none of the WildStorm characters seem in play, although maybe I missed a couple. Also, they're taking a pass on another shot at the Legion Of Super-Heroes right now.

* Jason Copland mentioned on twitter that Dark Horse is doing a massive compilation of the Kill All Monsters! comics.

* I talked to a bunch of Julia Gfrorer fans this week that didn't know about Laid Waste and I consider that my fault.

* here's a preview of Rich Tommaso's She Wolf. That looks really nice, and I hope it hits in a way that Tommaso can work a while within a single concept, if that's even a possibility the way that's set up.

* if you're Facebook friends with Leslie Stein, you can see and enjoy her next book's cover design.

* hitting the stands (or festival table, or both, or just staying at home to be ordered) near you: Kill The Wizard.

* finally, Charles Vess writes and shows art concerning the re-formatting of a forthcoming work from a mural to a more amenable, publishing-ready size and shape, which involved flipping the material among other things.

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