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June 11, 2018

Bundled, Tossed, Untied, Stacked: Publishing News

image* the nice people at Abrams sent over this list of SelfMadeHero books coming out in Fall of 2018 and their release dates.
+ I Feel Machine, Krent Able And Box Brown And Julian Hanshaw And Erik Svetoft And Shaun Tan And Tille Walden. Edited by Julian Hanshaw and Krent Able. September 25.
+ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: An Art Book, Reinhard Kleist. September 25.
+ One Two Three Four Ramones, Bruno Cadène, and Xavier Bétaucourt Works of art by Eric Cartier. September 25.
+ Andy: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol (A Factual Fairytale), Typex. October 30.
+ Lovecraft: Four Classic Horror Stories, H.P. Lovecraft, Adapted By I.N.J Culbard. October 30.
+ Wolf, Rachael Ball, October 30.
+ Lip Hook: A Tale of Rural Unease, David Hine And Mark Stafford. November 27.
I imagine that Kleist book will look great and the rest of them will be close to that good-looking at the very least.

* Vertigo is apparently going to do a linewide relaunch. Since these are (ostensibly) creator-driven, stand-alone titles, you don't get the sense that there's a line-wide story gearing up, so it really is a publishing strategy move designed to drive attention to the books. If they're really good, they'll be fine; if they're not, I'm not sure any kind of launch strategy will work. None of the books described in the PR seem like surefire winners to me; they all seem like fairly standard modern TV show pitches. I'll be curious to see how this group turns out. That announcement also officially places Mark Doyle into the Executive Editor position.

* finally: The Beat has a nice round-up of the creative teams and cover imagery from DC's twin lines of done-in-one stand-alones. If that works, that could potential shift comics several degrees from its current orientation. One thing that might keep it from working is if they keep a written by/illustrated by split in credits, with the writer being the most prominent. That is absolutely tone deaf in terms of where creators are right now when it comes to how they feel credit should be apportioned.
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