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September 3, 2018

Bundled, Tossed, Untied, Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

* the highly prolific and very skilled writer/artist but perhaps best-known for his mainstream work as a writer Jeff Lemire tweeted out updates last week on some of his forthcoming projects. That he's doing something with Mike Deodato is the one that stuck in my head.

* I thought this was a story about DC creating "essential" content from scratch, but it's just a new story being published in a catalog. That's quite the let-down. I don't know if it's worth mentioning, but I like comics company catalogs. That's an essay for a different time, though.

* this progression of limited series to series to graphic novel series is kind of interesting to me as it suggests there's no real dominant format for material in the sales range that a BOOM! has. That company's always been a little fluid as a matter of course, though.

* this Progressive article notes that Fantagraphics will publish a volume of Paul Krassner's work in 2019.

* finally: I missed this article about Oni's early 2019, from a couple of months ago. That line-up intrigues me because I can't find a consistency to it, or something that indicates a line identity. Don't get me wrong: I want all the companies' lines to look like that.
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