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May 31, 2016

Bundled, Tossed, Untied & Stacked: Publishing News

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* here's great news: a reprinting of 23 Skidoo, an early Al Columbia comic.

* this Instagram post seems to indicate that we'll be getting another stand-alone Graham Chaffee comic soon, published by Fantagraphics, so that's great news.

* it's a couple of weeks in the rearview window now, but I've intended to put a link up to this George O'Connor cover for the latest Olympians series book at First Second.

* I did not know that Ted Rall has a Donald Trump biography coming out, although if you told me I knew, I might believe you. Apparently, he did one on Bernie Sanders.

* the artist Reimena Ashel Yee provides an update on a lengthy work in progress.

* here's another First Second cover reveal -- it's kind of their thing -- for the forthcoming Pénélope Bagieu biography California Dreamin', which is about Mama Cass. That could be a lot of fun, and it's the perfect time for a re-examination of that pop star's life.

* finally: Warren Ellis, back to prose. I liked the book of his I read.
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