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October 21, 2019

Bundled, Tossed, Untied, Stacked: Publishing News

By Tom Spurgeon

* I don't know how these kinds of lists work, but someone is or several someones are likely to get a sales boost by their appearance on one.

* I'm not a big fan of overlapping treatments of core material as a way to best exploit these popular characters, but we are certainly in the age of that now. I have a specific hope this is not what companies will do with large character libraries for the sake of emphasizing a few characters over a wide range. Make sense this will happen, though.

* this kind of thing is a big example of it, although I think DC's desire to kind of reoriented the core of their publishing efforts to all-ages standalone books is genuine.

* go, look: Drew Ford, Duane Leslie and Eva de la Cruz bring Steam to readers in the spring of 2020.

* finally: here's an old-school PR piece on a graphic novel due in early 2020. Don't see as many of those as you used to, except for a few significant books.
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