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February 10, 2016

By Request Extra: Batton Lash Launches Another Kickstarter

I made some noise here the other day that I'm fascinated by older cartoonists that make use of crowd-funding mechanism. By older artists I mean those that are coming to that way of funding after more traditional ones. Comics has a really bad history of dumping creators while they still have good work in them, and crowd-funding may provide a way around that. Project to project, crowd-funding makes possible projects via reaching a small number of readers than just about any comics project that simply isn't a publisher providing blind support to a favorite artist or project. In other words, in the case of a small, core audience crowd-funding is a more efficient match than reaching out to those same fans through the inefficiencies of a multiple-play market. In addition, it's not like this is a either/or proposition; a project can do both, and perhaps pull an enthusiastic $20 payer into the role of a $40 payer.

It looks like indie veteran Batton Lash is exactly what I'm talking. He and partner Jackie Estrada have made crowd-funding what seems to be a permanent part of plans for publishing Batton's work. They have just announced a book called A Vampire In Hollywood, And Other Stories Of Supernatural Law, the seventh in that series overall and at least the third partially funded this way. They're seeking $9500.
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