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September 16, 2015

By Request Extra: Frank Santoro’s Rowhouse Residency Moves Into The Public Fundraising Stage

imageCartoonist and teacher of comics Frank Santoro would like to buy the house next to his and set up a small academy there, along the lines of a martial arts dojo as much as you might think of it as a school, for cartoonists to come and do comics and learn the techniques he's been teaching in a series of intense on-line courses for years now. He'd be doing some invite-only auctions in the first stage of his plans; he's now moved into a more public stage, with one of the crowd-funding sites.

I plan to give myself when I wake up a little more. I think Santoro's way of teaching has been of significant use to a lot of cartoonists, and I think it's something in which the larger community might invest because of that previous success in another, this case on-line, form. I hope you'll consider it, anyway.

Here's the project again. Here's Santoro's post about it.
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