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October 25, 2018

By Request Extra: Mark Waid Starts Legal Defense GoFundMe

imageThe writer Mark Waid started a defense fund through fundraising site GoFundMe related to the suit he's facing from ComicsGate founder Richard C. Meyer. Mark is one of comics' more successful working professionals, and thus his fundraiser doesn't have the element of extreme need that, for instance, those sued by Cody Pickrodt have in their ask. No lawsuit is a cakewalk for anyone, though, even those 10 times as wealthy as Waid. In addition, Waid points out that ameliorating some of the costs of this defense -- the initial ask is reasonably low for expectations on this kind of thing -- reflects the shared interest of many in comics that don't care for the high idiocy and hateful principles in practice that among many in a series of destructive, history-warping annoyances have made for this lawsuit.

There's been some giving to do this week. I was happy to include this one on my list. I hope you'll consider it. Good luck to Mark and fuck those he faces in court winning anything.
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