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November 28, 2016

By Request Extra: Odod Books Launch

imageTom Kaczynski and Jordan Shiveley have displayed excellent taste through Uncivilized Books, and their proposed children's line Odod looks to be more of the same. In fact, like the best spin-off lines, Odod (dodo backwards, I assume; that's a rough name sound-wise) has some background with the main line, where you can envision the new books as spiritual successors to their good work with Peter Wartman's Over The Wall.

At this writing, they only have about 15 percent of their desired money raised, and I think they have ambitions for a few stretch goals here. There could be a lot of reasons for this, and I actually think with some more attention they have a good shot of making their goal and there will be some really good comics to come out of it. If they don't make it, they're in a position like some recent fund-raisers to recalibrate and try again. I hope for one of those outcomces, and mostly the first! That's the one that is the happiest ending. This looks like a good project so please take a look.

We don't yet have a regular standard outside of the various project-to-project crowd-funders on behalf of Tezuka material for what people will regularly support in a publisher's on-line asks. I think people will help out in a pinch, but how much and whether that extends to distinct projects within a larger publishing -- or even operating -- umbrella has yet to be seen. I also wonder if we have enough of an audience built in a basic sense for the amount of awesome material we publish. It's a golden age, but some of these books that would have made my teeth fall out of my head in 1988 are moving 800 copies. There's more worthy work than ever only being seen by as many people as are inside a standard Wal-Mart at 2 PM on a Tuesday.

For now, I hope you'll support this honorable company in their ask, particularly if it's material that interests you. There are questions to be answered, but I'd rather do it in a world with more great comics in it than less. If you're in a position to be a white knight here, even better.
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