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June 18, 2015

By Request Extra: Please Consider A Donation To Emanuel AME Church

imageTotally not comics.

There's a lot of comics news out there today, and hopefully I'll get to it by the end of business hours. Right this minute I'm a little heartbroken, and thus paralyzed, that we've had one of those national shooting tragedies, this time at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. I went to school with a number of AME clergy, and they were the best of us. Emanuel is one of the great holy sites of America, a church that served those that suffered worst at the hands of an American conception of liberty that allowed for the evils of slavery.

I'm not one to leap to political positions in immediate fashion, so I don't have a reaction that way. I do know that a church like Emanuel can always put to good use donated money. I think they'll want to be out there doing what they can as a way to honor their fallen members, our citizens and neighbors, because that's what a church does. I hope you'll consider giving.
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