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March 6, 2016

By Request Extra: The Queer Japan Project

imageThis has a tie to comics rather than being comics itself, but I noticed the Massive team of Graham Kolbeins and Anne Ishii are trying to crowdfund a documentary about Queer Japan. This is the subject about which they'd know in great part because of their work with cartoonists like Gengoroh Tagame.

I think the Massive comics have been some of the most fascinating of the last decade, so I'm interested to hear what they have to say about some of the same subject matter placed into a wider context. I'm also fascinated by those comics projects that allow the comics-makers, or in this case comics-facilitators, enough cultural force to set themselves up as go-to people for a broader cultural issue, which is not something that comics used to do.

That crowdfunder is in a semi-precarious state, too, amount-wise to time remaining.
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