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November 27, 2018

By Request Extra: Today Is An Organized Giving Day

imageThere are thousands of worthy non-profits and causes seeking attention today via one of those informal organized giving days. You can go a lot of directions in comics with that impulse in mind. Those sued for calling into question publisher and cartoonist Cody Pickrodt's behavior around women could still use some attention. I'm rooting for Jim Wheelock. The legendary Milton Knight launched a Patreon and Linda Medley informally relaunched hers at a recent tough point. There are a lot of people in communities-at-risk that are raising money as current political times get darker. There are any number of services local to you that could use the support. Even some iconic comics retailers could use an assist.

The comics show with which I'm involved, Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) isn't as worthy as several other organizations, but I fumbled our direct ask campaign this summer. As as result I've been e-mailing out reminders this fall to much wider database than usual, probably to some groans. I don't see us as competing with organizations that meet more directly actual need, but I know some people like giving to the show the same way I'm in the habit of giving to Center For Cartoon Studies, say. We're not all the way to where I'd hoped we'd be, but I'm happy with how far we've come since Fall 2015, I believe in our creators-first goals and I'm confident that we can return more value to the community with every show we do.

We have something set up on Facebook here and something set up with Columbus Foundation here. Easiest here, perhaps.

No matter where you put your dollars, I hope everyone is generous this year and gives as freely and thoughtfully as possible.
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