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October 21, 2005

Canadian Manga Porn Case Ends

Edmonton's Gordon Chin was sentenced this week to 18 months probation, community service, five-year registry in a federal sex offender program and a ban from owning a computer and accessing the Internet. The charge stems from the January discovery of a package of explicit manga intended for Chin and a follow-up seach that yielded 63 additional books of that type and binders contaning hard copies of similar material downloaded from the Internet. Chin just missed mandatory jail time recently passed into law. The defendent claimed general ignorance of the unlawful nature of what he possessed. The Chin case is believed to be the first case of its type in Canada.

A secondary story here might be the sloppy detail work of the Edmonton Journal article, as pointed out here and here. The article confuses anime and manga, and makes other odd, sweeping and generally untenable observations.
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