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April 27, 2016

Cartoon Books Announces New Jeff Smith Bone Comic Book Material In BONE:CODA


Cartoon Books announced today that they'll be publishing a new Jeff Smith comic featuring the Bone universe and characters. The story in BONE:CODA will follow the Bones as they try to make their way out of the valley where they had their adventures and back to Boneville. Also included in the publication will be a the content of the BONE Companion book written by Stephen Weiner and previously self-published by the writer.

I've seen about 20 pages of the comics narrative and they look like they came out of a time machine, more a lost issue of the long-running series than something added on after years of deliberation. If anything, the CODA work looks sharper than several sequences in Smith's career-making book, conveying some of the additional confidence Smith has built since BONE in certain aspects of drawing, like his landscape work.

Also included will be a kind of "from the studio" personal message from Smith to those readers who have followed the feature into numerous forms.

I believe the idea is to have it on sale at San Diego and then in various ways moving forward from there. Get in line at the convention center now.

Above is the back cover image.
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