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September 8, 2014

Cartoonist Rowland Emett To Be Honored In Birmingham


Birmingham-based newspapers have coverage of a new blue plaque up in Birmingham to honor longtime resident Rowland Emett. Emett was a prominent Punch cartoonist, frequently collected, and was in the US perhaps best known as a mainstream-magazine feature cartoonist. He lurched sideways into 3-D sculpture with profound results, becoming a creator of functional transportation along the lines of his fanciful drawings of railway cars. He is currently being honored at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery with a huge display of his devices.

Emett passed away in 1990. The first link above has the only picture I've seen -- for all I know there could be a ton, I just haven't seen any -- of Emett using one of his machines.

One hopes for corresponding, renewed interest in publishing his cartoon work. Well, I hope.
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