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April 30, 2012

Cartoonist Wins Judgment In Anti-Semitism Case

According to wire stories appearing this morning, there's been movement in the Vauro Senesim anti-Semitism case, with a judge ruling that Senesim's humanitarian work means that he can't be called anti-Semitic.

Senesim had been accused of being anti-Semitic for a cartoon featuring the Italian politician Fiamma Nirenstein. Senesim had depicted the Jewish Nirenstin as wearing a Star Of David mixed with other, various fascist imagery. This led to an opinion piece about Senesim from the journalist Giuseppe Caldarola critical of that cartoon. That article led to a lawsuit cartoonist to journalist.

Caldarola was fined $33K in January in a related decision, a decision that was criticized by various Jewish organizations.
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