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October 6, 2005

Cartoonists Hit Greatest Belgians List

imageUnlike in North America where a cartoonist's appearance on such a list always seems to be a nod towards their counter-culture status and the cleverness of the assemblers, this top 100 list of greatest (or most admired, I don't know which way the root "preferred" swings here) Belgians is nine percent cartoon author. I'm not sure how useful this is except as a measure of mainstream popularity, but there's something to that. People always say that Franquin is huge, for example, and now we have something to point to that says how much.

As they rank, with Herge I believe either #5 or in an as-yet undefined position in the top 10:

Roba (100)
Jacobs (98)
Kroll (94)
Morris (79)
Vernes (77)
Peyo (33)
Geluck (22)
Franquin (18)
Herge (Top 10)
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