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December 31, 2004

CBLDF’s Year in Review

imageComic Book Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Charles Brownstein has written a year-ending letter about the group's 2004, which has been posted on his site and can be found, probably in its entirety, on any number of comics-related web sites.

Here's what popped out at me on a first read-through.
* The Fund seems to expect the case of US Customs' seizure of "Richie Bush" and "Moj Stub" to resolve itself early next month.

* By location in the letter and by Brownstein's language, the display law cases in Arkansas (beneficial ruling) and Michigan (beneficial interpretation) were perhaps the big wins.

* Brownstein points out another benefit of fighting against certain laws -- they aren't enforced while the fight is going on.

* The Fund is pursuing an aggressive policy of amicus brief filing, which I think might be a change under Brownstein.

* Brownstein notes the personnel changes on the Fund's board of directors.

* Fundraising went pretty well this year, and the "war chest" increased.

At any rate, any close follower of the North American comic book industry should read the letter in full. I hope to follow up in more detail at a later date.
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