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August 8, 2006

Changes at On-Line Heavy-Hitters

imageJoey Manley announces Achewood moving a specialized subscriber-only package of 76 cartoons from Serializer a couple of years back -- a selection distinct from its main free content offerings -- to WebComicsNation; Scott McCloud calls attention to Perry Bible Fellowship getting a presentational makeover.

The Achewood news I find interesting in a weird way, in that it remains kind of amazing to me to think of on-line efforts, the reading of which is so locked into daily or weekly repetitive access, as having multiple iterations and deep resources and levels of audience interest where this kind of thing is possible. That sounds patronizing, but I mean it in a where-has-the-time-gone way; the quality of work has never been in question. If you think about it, though, Chris Onstad is essentially using content as a support mechanism for content, which is pretty great.
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