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September 5, 2016

Charlie Hebdo Publishes Cartoon To Upset People; People Respond By Being Upset At Charlie Hebdo

Here. You can find an article, too, but there's something about someone trolling for attention where the social media compilation seems like the appropriate link.

I am certain without looking this latest cartoon will play into a narrative of "NOW you get upset?" and perhaps even a "We supported you and you do this?" narrative, but mostly this strikes me as Charlie Hebdo publishing a tasteless cartoon and people reacting to a tasteless cartoon: aka "Tuesday." What's different now is that Hebdo has a profile where that's news in our fallen world and its endless parade of celebrities giving journalism the finger.

At least as far as I know there was no horribly idiotic war-of-civilizations editorial about random Italian townspeople that preceded the publication of this cartoon.
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