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August 17, 2006

Chicago Reader’s Fourth Section: RIP

imageHere's a brief story from Editor & Publisher that interests me although the relationship to comics is only tangential: the well-known alt-weekly Chicago Reader is going to a three-section structure from its longtime four-section structure sending a smattering of its classified section comics into the front three sections. The reason? The move to web-only classifieds and a desire to save on printing costs by reducing the number of separate sections. The changing landscape of advertising is a huge issue for newspapers and because of that it's a big issue for the comics that they run. Although there's literally no change here in terms of the comics the paper will feature, and some like Chris Ware's won't likely even move, that has a lot to do with this being a proactive move by a market leader rather than a reactive one by someone scrambling to catch up.
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