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June 16, 2006

Child Porn Charges For TN Retailer

imageIt's difficult to write a headline like that, because James Sells was only briefly a comics and hobby retailer -- from August to December of last year, when his initial arrest for statutory rape caused Hero's Hideout Comics and Collectibles to close. Still, not only is that this site's interest but it's that information, as opposed to, say, Sells' several years in the military, that the media report chooses to use on as an identifier for the accused in its lead graph.

Today's article brings news that hard drive analysis of Sells' computer has led to more charges. Worse, the paper pull out what looks like a file photo one guesses the paper took when the store opened. Using it now seems to me pretty inflammatory, as I'm sure the parents of the children in the photo are thrilled to death to see their kids in this context.
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