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December 20, 2004

Christmas Week is Profile Week

As this wonderful time of the year rolls around, with its family demands and office-funded hangovers, short-staffed newspaper and magazine editors turn their eyes to profile after profile in the hopes of filling space until everyone comes back. Sometimes there are positives.


Lynn Johnston Profile in the Tribune
I'm not sure what it is about Lynn Johnston lately -- perhaps it's the much-discussed decision to taper down on her strip and end it sometime soon -- but she seems incapable of providing a bad newspaper feature lately, even when it means overstating the artistic impact of real-world storylines in For Better or For Worse. It's the stories behind the strip that shine through, of course. I don't recall hearing the story of the man who gives $40 to a homeless youth only to have that youth buy a knife with it and return for more, but I'm not exactly her primary audience.

Penny Arcade Empire
The New York Times provides perhaps the highest-profile article to date of the Penny Arcade guys, Michael Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, including their also-supported-by-the-Web-effort-holy-crap business manager. Other than the Comics Journal's Dirk Deppey devoting a recent editorial to the pair's convention effort, or at least his personal impressions upon attending it, I don't remember a lot of coverage from comics on their rise.
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