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September 12, 2007

Collective Memory: BCC 2007


Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2007 Baltimore Comic-Con, held September 8 and 9 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Location of Show
Web Site

Blog Entries
Allyn Gibson
Alternate Reality
Between the Staples
Buzz Tracker
Cassius Comics: Wieringo Tribute
+ Comic Pasion: Carrying Comics
Comics and... Other Imaginary Tales
Comics Should Be Good
Doctor K
ENI Comic News
I Can't Promise This Won't Be Chaos
Jimmy's Juke Joint
Johanna Draper Carlson
La Carcel De Papel: Harveys
Major Spoilers 01
Major Spoilers 02
Memoirs of a Heroic Barbarian
Neverending Digression
Occasional Superheroine
+ Occasional Superheroine: Carry Comics
Star Wars Experience
+ The Beat: to Carry Comics
The Comics Reporter: Harvey Results
The Legion Omnicom 00: Shooter
The Legion Omnicom 01
The Legion Omnicom 02
Think Lynsen

Message Boards
Art Asylum
Comic Bloc
Comic Brew
DC Forum
Problem Adults
Revision 3

News Indexes
Blog@Newsarama Round-Up

News Stories and Columns
Baltimore Sun: Artists Profiled
CBR: DC Nation Panel
CBR: Jonathan Hickman Profile
CBR: Marvel Panel
CBR: Top Cow Signing
Comics Alliance: Dean Haspiel
+ Webcomics Announcement
Comics Alliance: Mike Mignola Q&A
Newsarama: Atom Eve Mini-Series
Newsarama: Brian Bendis on Secret Invasion
Newsarama: Chuck Dixon on Return to Robin
Newsarama: Dark Tower II
Newsarama: DC Nation Panel
Newsarama: DC Retailer Presentation
Newsarama: DC Universe Panel
Newsarama: Floor Buzz
Newsrama: Image Comics
Newsarama: Image's '76
Newsarama: Jim Lee Panel
Newsarama: Life After World War Hulk
Newsarama: Mondo Marvel Panel
Newsarama: New Vigilante Series
Newsarama: Noble Causes
Newsarama: Peter Tomasi on Green Lantern Corps
Newsarama: Peter Tomasi on Nightwing
Newsarama: Scott Kolins Exclusive to DC
Newsarama: Some Batman Comic
Newsarama: Star Wars News
Newsarama: Top Cow Report
Newsarama: Top Cow Signing
Newsarama: Tucci on Sgt. Rock
Newsarama: Various X-Book News
SFist on Keith Knight Harveys Win

Annie Matronic
Chris Pitzer
ComicsDC 01
ComicsDC 02
Jeff Newelt 01
Jeff Newelt 02
Jimmy's Juke Joint
Metal Chris


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