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May 28, 2017

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* there's still enough time for the Jess Nevins/Shaenon Garrity collaboration to make its initial goal, although I'll repeat I'm surprised it hasn't already given those creators' general pedigree.

* Peter Cline's site indicates a Kickstarter on its front page; don't know anything other than that as it was difficult for me to get to specific pages.

* no joke, I sort of wonder how someone with anxiety disorder even makes it through a crowd-funder, but this one looked pretty safe from the start.

* this Karl Kesel project looks like to make it, too.

* the existence of this Facebook page would have seem to have implications for both the Bundled and By Request columns, so I will put a link in both.

* this bears watching. As far as I can it's using an element of one of the crowd-funder platforms in a way to facilitate the connection to the material that such sites afford without it being dependent on a certain kind of fundraising to move forward. I could be wrong, in which I case I need to watch it more to figure out what it is.

* I was to see this Christopher Sebela-related crowd-funder make its initial goals. He strikes me as an underutilized resource in the overall creative landscape. Plus dude's car got totaled. I think they had to get quite a bit beyond their initial goal for that situation to be addressed, but I have to imagine every bit of success helps right now, too.

* congrats to Kilgore Books surging past its initial ask with double-digit days left. That's a good line-up.

* finally, I like the look of this Dunce comic.
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