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October 28, 2018

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* this Facebook thread by longtime indie/alt mainstay Linda Medley jumped to a secondary level of attention from peers and fans concerned about the artist quitting the field forever. There's also apparently a bookmobile for sale. The difficulty of sustaining comics-making at any level should never be taken for granted, not even as a reality for people that are extremely talented. I hope there are enough devoted Medley fans amongst fellow professionals and her longtime base readership to maybe establish a more positive baseline. This supportive post from the very fine illustrator and comics-maker David Lasky provides the URL for Medley's Patreon. I own all of Linda's published work and hope one day to own additional books.

* Mark Waid's gofundme effort to defray legal costs in a suit brought against him by Richard C. Meyer of Comicsgate has done well in its initial ask. Waid's campaign is a little bit more interesting than some other recent efforts designed to combat handwringing legal action because of Waid's positions and relative financial comfort to who usually gets tagged in such legal matters. I gave as someone who wants creators of all types and at all levels of participation to speak openly and freely about what they feel is damaging or aggressively harmful behavior. All lawsuits are a lot of money, which is why it's such a dramatic step that should be held to a very high standard.

* Warren Bernard's admirable support of those sued for defamation by Cody Pickrodt continues. I hope there will be wider comics participation; the amounts given seem to me in anecdotal fashion to be pretty high by individual donor, though my perception might be wrong.

* there are a lot of asks out there right now, compounded by the political season and the spirit of the times including a significant element of hatred against which people and communities at risk need to be protected. I get that this can be frustrating from a variety of angles. I'm working my own personal database for the festival with which I'm involved, while at the same time supporting causes via donation that are more impactful and involve way more serious issues. I urge you to give to everything you feel needs your help and wherever you could make a difference. Our world is better for communal efforts, many of which need some sort of communal support. Don't forget individual artists.

* finally: Jim Wheelock seems to be at still-considerable risk, and one hopes there might be an angel out there for the comics veteran. Every bit helps, though.
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