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February 19, 2017

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding


By Tom Spurgeon

* here's an intriguing idea for a crowd-funding campaign: a fairly extensive, but still very targeted effort on behalf of travel expenses for creators to attend the Queers & Comics Conference. Because that's a community that is often marginalized because of artists' lack of fund to do things like travel, this would seem to take care of a specific need.

* Melissa Sayen's modest ask for Forgotten History looks like it's on its way to being fulfilled.

* Ivan Brunetti's auction-related efforts on behalf of his students with their Linework anthology is building up a decent head of steam. Brunetti's work is available very intermittently, and the big-ticket item here is as good-looking as anything he's done.

* the Simon Wiesenthal we mentioned in a past column has surged past its $5000 goal.

* don't forget the Garbage Pail Kids tribute pack that will support the healthcare costs rung up by underground great Jay Lynch!

* finally, I'm still rooting for the Treece family. It's great for them to reach 50 percent of their initial ask. A lot of campaigns don't get that far.
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