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March 11, 2018

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

image* it's this crowdfunder that still hits me at the most important going, the one from Dan Stafford and his Kilgore Books. Estrada, Van Sciver, Van Deusen (seen at left)... it all sounds good. Pay attention to that one for the size of the ask, which isn't inconsiderable. Breaking past the halfway point by now, though, that's a good sign for its ultimate success.

* I don't all the way get what's goin here in terms of this project any relationship it might have to previous crowd-funder, but certainly these are all admirable artists.

* good to see veteran creator Ron Randall blow past the initial ask with this Trekker campaign. I'm always encouraged by work finding an audience that maybe didn't have an easy time of doing so through standard paths of business activity.

* Mark O. Stack has been thorough in keeping this site apprised of this crowd-funder. It's a cute concept.

* finally: these nice Australians that contacted me directly are in the thick of it on their crowd-funder.
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