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March 19, 2017

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* the cartoonist Ben Sears has a sale going. Not sure if it's connected to a dire need -- it could just be inventory reduction, or something similar -- but very few cartoonists are in a position where they can turn down any extra business at all. I ordered something, although not a sale item.

* these people wrote in blind to see if I write anything about crowd-funder. I do! I do right here. I appreciate the courage of such a outreach as much as I do the not-caring if it signals you never read this site. That one looks like in an interesting position where most reasonable projections of the next 26 days have them reaching their goal, but you never know. It does look like the kind of genre material that has a big home on sites like Kickstarter.

* people love Lady Death.

* Dave Wachter's book featuring portraits of progressive figures seems well-suited to the times and has surged past its initial ask with several days to go. You might want to get involved with that project, still, though.

* the third volume of Alex Heberling's Hues work looks like it may run right up to the end.

* last week for the latest crowd-funded project from the formidable P. Craig Russell. This looks poised to make its initial ask, but not without some attention paid.

* finally, our friends at Sticky Graphic Novels are having a T-Shirt fundraiser.
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