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August 14, 2016

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* our friends at Comics Workbook are having one of their periodic auction pushes, this time featuring work from Dan Clowes.

* this looks like some potentially interesting work, in a crowd-funded zine-culture anthology in the UK.

* Ted Rall is funding his latest legal maneuvers through a crowd-funding mechanism.

* Rich Tommaso has put out word he could use some help this month in terms of original art sales.

* this project looks stylish and with a sense of humor. I only took a brief look, mind you.

* I stumbled onto this documentary project focused on Hans & Margret Rey by accident, but I think that stuff pretty much counts as comics. Sorry, RC. Sorry, Scott.

* it'd be nice if we could get the John Kerschbaum crowd-funder over its initial ask. Summer crowd-funding is tough because everyone is all over the place; I'm not even sure if I've donated yet. Kerschbaum sure is a fun cartoonist, though.

* it's always interesting to see a project about which you know nothing surge to its initial goals.

* I'm confused as to why we just can't have all of the cerebus books in high-end print and digital forms, but here's the latest whatever this is.

* we will get a collection of Trina Robbins' Dope adaptation.

* finally, we're still rooting for Mr. Sirius.

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