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September 16, 2018

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* as will be the case for a while, now is a good time to donate to the defense fund covering those sued for defamation by Cody Pickrodt.

* Larry Shell, who raised money from the comics community in 2017 for back property taxes, is asking professionals assist his latest financial crisis by donating original art for an eventual benefit auction. Via PDF: 0_999_Benefit_Auction_2018_Str.pdf. I've never seen an ask like that one, I don't think, but if you were one of those that worked with Shell at some point, I figure you might be interested.

* finally: The Fuhrer And The Tramp blew past its initial ask in several days, and still has a lot of time left. In terms of tone and narrative construction it reminds me a bit of Jazz Age Chronicles, which was my dad's favorite 1980s indie comic.
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