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November 19, 2017

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* it's mostly not comics, but that is one beautiful Arnold Roth cover on the front of the humor magazine American Bystander for their latest crowdfunder. Man oh man.

* great to see the Becky Beaton campaign surge past its initial ask in a few days' time. I'm sure they can still use so much more. Please consider giving. I know some of you had a hard time getting a debit card through on that one -- I did, too. Just try a couple of times, you'll get there.

* longtime friend to CR François Vigneault pointed out to us two crowd-funders with which he's involved, which counts as an endorsement as far as I'm concerned: Furr and Sci-Fi San Francisco.

* all hail Steve Ditko, King of Crowd-Funders. His desire to keep doing comics after so many years in the industry is awe-inspiring and instructive. The desire for personal expression rarely dies.

* this Ronald Wimberly-involved magazine project looks like it could be very cool. It's over 50 percent, which usually means it will be successful, but it'd be nice to see it move into somr stretch goals because I bet they'd be cool.

* finally, it's non-comics, but a lot of folks have mentioned to me this crowd-funder for a cartooning-related game that involves Jason Thompson.
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