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January 18, 2015

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* this is the only thing I've read about fundraising related to the Hebdo killings, but I'll try to get my act together for a better report next week. I'm sure that's enough information for you to crash that party if you want to. Also, any significant effort is likely to be part of the forthcoming Angouleme Festival.

* one of the few crowd-funding projects still around since the last one of these columns, the Sequential Artists Workship crowd-funder is in its final days. They'll spend your money well.

* there's a lovely update from Mary Skrenes on James Hudnall's GoFundMe page. I can't imagine that Hudnall wouldn't put to good use any additional money that could be sent his way. That's a tough road, and most men over 40 with any sort of health issues imagine that scenario happening to them.

* not comics: John Kovalic is involved with this gaming Kickstarter that looks like it will crush its initial goal by tomorrow lunchtime.

* Alex Heberling would like to make a graphic novel and desires your help in the doing of this.

* I'm not sure if I knew that Jenn Manley Lee had a Patreon going. Another one suggested to me was the PUPPYCOMIX effort and a third was the Atomic Robo effort, which I guess went on-line as part of their dissatisfaction with traditional comics distribution and what it could do for their work.

* finally, don't forget that Jack Katz -- a key figure in the development of US indie comics -- is looking for support in doing a graphic novel.
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