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June 2, 2019

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* three days to go and 90 percent of the money to be raised, I don't think 2dcloud is likely to see its Artist Book Boxes crowdfunded hit its first goal. It could, there are rich people out there with more money than this in their sofa cushions. But it doesn't seem likely. That's too bad, because they seem like nice people and they have an interesting point of view as publishers. That said, I've never received more commentary here at CR about this kind of ask, the bulk of which was coming from a place of pop-eyed dismay. The general consensus seemed -- and this is more a hunch on my part than any actual knowledge, mind -- that the ask here was driven by the amount of financial need involved from past projects than what might make a new project successful. I hope that if this route is pursued by that publisher there is more clarity in the ask and that it is perhaps a more modest and rigorously analyzed request overall. The culture of crowdfunding doesn't seem to lean towards these kind of movement-generating super-asks right now.

* you don't see many successful save-the-shop fundraisers, and even fewer successful ones. I suspect that what is seen as a community need by folks directly hit by the loss of a store is hard for people outside a certain proximity in the same way. Still, communicating need however you perceive it is always a good thing, and is always worth a try, I think.

* finally, I hope this person from a 2014 Bill Finger-related project finds the help they need, and please avail yourself if they're known to you or are otherwise touched to do so. I do hope the model used to present the fundraiser, its repetition and lack of explicit connection to a specific community being reached, isn't followed by a lot of people; it's hard to list those kinds of pleas no matter the degree of need, in roughly the same way it's difficult to do multiple asks. I wish them every atom of luck.
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