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August 30, 2015

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* two big charitable efforts made their presence known in the comics world last week, both of which I hope were successful: the selling of Joe Kubert Artist's Editions with all-star drawings right on the covers to benefit a scholarship at the Kubert School; the yearly Hero Initiative push sponsored by the family of the late Jack Kirby to coincide with Kirby's birthdate of August 28. Comics has a generous heart. The idea of course, is to continue to give while doing everything we can on the front end to make sure as little giving as possible is necessary.

* there have been a number of big-time crowd-funders closing, too, I think because mid-July to mid-September is such a guaranteed empty space in a lot creative calendars because of the relative lack of shows. Congratulations to all of those that saw their projects move forward this summer. I've now set up a couple of accounts to be more actively involved in being able to donate to crowd-funders, so I'm looking forward to that this Fall.

* Mike Dawson's book of essays about home and family is already successful just a few days in. I've liked those the most of any comics Mike Dawson has done. Ditto Jon Adams' campagin for his funny Chief O'Brien comics.

* we're getting into the final 10 days or so for a reasonably well-publicized campaign by the publisher Last Gasp to get Barefoot Gen into the hands of students. It looks like it could use a few more solid patrons, although at around the halfway point with any significant time left there's a chance a crowd-funder will be smashingly successful. I can't imagine they'd object to have the suspense taken away from them, though. I know the wallop that one packed for me when I read it as a young person, and still think of it frequently. I'd still like to see this Jane Bowles-related one get a shot.

* Tony Millionaire seems to be selling stuff via his Facebook presence.

* finally, the queer superhero anthology Oath, recommended by a few people I trust here and there on the Internet, could still use some attention.
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