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September 28, 2015

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* it's still fascinating to me to look at the Kickstarter comics page and see all of the projects that people believe are ready to be published. That sounds mean, but I recognize that line can be set anywhere someone wants and that no one is likely to agree which projects are on which side of that line.

image* there have been a few recent, successful projects over there that could have found a place with most traditional alternative publishers: Chief O'Brien At Work, Eat More Comics! and Rules For Dating My Daughter. That seems worth noting, especially if you didn't catch here that they did well.

* a pair of local-to-me comics-makers (or at least facilitators) are winding up successful crowd-funders: Ken Eppstein and Elissa Leach. Both of those projects look fun, and I know as publishers both Eppstein and Leach make paying artists what they can/when they can/if they can a major priority.

* charity-sounding things can be a tough-sell as crowd-funders; money to send people to shows was part of crowd-funding's early years but those kinds of projects almost never get over now.

* Rus Wooton is one of the few names I recognize from what's left -- Rus' crowd-funder has reached its initial goal.

* it's nice to see Bob Wiacek's GoFundMe campaign double its initial goal. I get the sense from that last, distressing update that James Hudnall could use more funding if anyone out there is willing.

* finally, this Mr. Monster project will end soon. Hard to imagine that one being seen in a lot of places outside of this project's mailed-to-you parameters.
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