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October 11, 2015

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* the Rowhouse Residency crowd-funding campaign is probably due some attention as we get to the halfway point. Frank Santoro is the kind of artist that would do grand and ambitious things with any money leftover, too.

* Sam Costello's patreon campaign is designed to rid his site of advertising and pay contributors; it's also Halloween-themed so there you go.

* Halloween, incidentally, will mark the one-year anniversary of James Hudnall's foot surgery and the subsequent request for help.

* there's not a ton in world of randomly-view Kickstarter campaigns that caught my attention this week: I was struck by how many days are left on this one having met its goal. I remain interested in how Digital Manga does these Tezuka-related campaigns, which are popular enough they seem to succeed on a project-to-project basis with great regularity. Basically, the core component-deal there is $25, as that's the first one that gets you the print book. I'm always fascinating by the attempts to fund shows and shops through crowd-funding, like this Virginia con. There weren't a lot of big names from print that I saw working my way down the lists; this came closest.

* finally, the Tony Breed-related GoFundMe crowd-funder is close to meeting its stated goal. It's hard not to want to give or up your donation if you see that photo. It's for care-related costs due to the long-term illness suffered by Breed's husband.
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