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October 18, 2004

Comics Censorship Battles

Anime News Network provides a smart Dragnet-style follow-up to last week's suspension of manga serial "Kuni Ga Moeru" from Weekly Young Jump manga for its depiction of events related to the Rape of Nanjing/Nanking. This includes links to the art and the photo from where the art was taken that have been decried as, respectively, a distortion and a fake by right-wing protestors that succeeded in getting the serial suspended and the sequence removed from future publication. ANN also succinctly summarizes the objections of those who objected to those portions of the manga.

imageAlthough a great deal of what drives the "Kuni Ga Moeru" controversy may be wrapped up in a very specific cultural orientation towards war, atrocity and national shame, a more familiar-to-western-audiences United States election year buffoonery-style "blame the book" censorship has focused on Phoebe Gloeckner's alarming and often heartbreaking work A Child's Life.
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