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December 5, 2007

Comics Christmas Shopping Update

A few quality comics-related gifts have made themselves known just a bit too late to merit consideration on the CR Holiday Shopping Guide:

* the great letterer Todd Klein and the lauded writer Alan Moore have collaborated on a print called "Alphabets of Desire," an exploration of language and words which looks like it will be lovely. Klein talks about the project at length here, which is a fun read even if you aren't shopping.

* the defunct comics-interested magazine The Drama has either a lot of their back issues for sale or all of them for sale in print or PDF versions, I can't quite tell. Great magazine full of obscurities, though. Get them today before you're scrambling for e-bayed copies ten years from now.

* Dylan Horrocks recommends without reservation step-mom Shirley Horrocks' documentary about New Zealand cartoonists The Comics Show.
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