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April 16, 2012

Comics’ Giving Heart—People, Projects In Need Of Funding

image* Ted Rall has reached the 10 percent point on his latest kickstarter project. The Paul Jenkins/Humberto Ramos project is nearly 20 percent there.

* Jim Woodring's fundraiser for his next book, Fran, is headed into its final stages in what looks to be pretty good shape. That's always nice to see: Woodring is a pantheon-level cartoonist.

* there is a little more than two weeks left to go on the Sparkplug fundraiser; that one could probably use some extra attention, although I think anything over half with more than a week remaining usually does pretty well.

* finally, a bit of the not comics: here's a documentary about Image Comics that's heading into its last week or so of consideration at Kickstarter.
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