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April 26, 2012

Comics’ Giving Heart—People, Projects In Need Of Funding

image* as far as I know, the Tony De Zuniga and S. Clay Wilson situations remain deeply concerning. These are accomplished artists and important figures in the last 50 years in terms of how the comic book has developed. Information on how to help at De Zuniga is part of various feature stories, including this one. The living trust set up for Wilson's care is here.

* one slightly frustrating aspect of both of those sublimely laudable efforts is that unless I've missed something their primary expression has been through Facebook and those subscribing to the individual pages of the concerned family and friends providing news. Facebook should be part of every campaign on behalf of a cartoonist, comics-maker or industry person, but I hope as many people as possible take note for the future that this is not the same as reaching people via a site -- like the general Wilson site, for instance -- that can be easily accessible without signing on someplace and reaching out to a specific page or individual. This is not meant as a criticism of anyone involved in either situation here; I'm certain they're doing the best they can with the tools available to them and word is getting out, whether it's through the e-mail updates about Wilson or on sites like Comic Art Community. (It also may be I'm not seeing the wider effort, or discounting the ones that exist.) I merely offer that up to anyone that might be in a caretaker or on-line outreach position in the future. Please consider every tool.

* it is greatly encouraging to see Sparkplug surpass its publishing fundraising goals. You can still sign up for the premiums, and I encourage you to consider it.

* it seems to me we're only about three to four months away from a publisher that's up-and-running doing one of these. Just a thought. I bet the majority of publishers not primarily bankrolled by a giant corporation has already had one discussion or a session of serious thought about it.

* this Jimmy Palmiotti/Justin Gray-driven effort is very near its stated goal.

* finally, here's a model Kickstarter campaign of the "I want to get this funded by basically taking advance orders via Kickstarter, only with a lot of extra incentives, too" variety: Lucy Bellwood's True Believer. It was fully funded when I got the e-mail three days ago.
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