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March 24, 2008

ComicsPro ‘08 Vegas Meeting Round-Up

Items of interest from the March 19-22 members meeting and trade event held by ComicsPRO at the Texas Station Casino and Hotel, Las Vegas.

* Joe Field kicked the meeting off with a positive remark or two on the general state of the market.

* Gary Dills (Phoenix Comics; Sterling, VA), Amanda Fisher (Muse Comics; Missoula, MT) and Phil Boyle (Coliseum of Comics; Orlando, FL) were named to the three open board of director positions for the retailer advocacy organization. Fisher and Dills were re-elected. Boyle replaces Michael Drivas (Big Brain Comics, Minneapolis, MN), who did not seek re-election.

* 24-Hour Comic Book Day, administration of which was assumed by the organization, will stay in the Fall.

* Jeff Smith became a publishing news fount during his presentation: Scholastic will complete their successful run of color Bone books in early 2009; their collective sales have been over 2.4 million; more work in the Bone universe is planned; RASL #1 sold about 24,000; the Bone one-volume edition to be brought back into print sold over 105,000; and Stupid, Stupid Rat Tales and Rose will be brought back into print.

* DC detailed its release plans for various expensive hardcover edition. I think they need to find some way for the Camelot 3000 collection to be delayed in honor of its original serialization.

* Charles Brownstein spoke; Heidi MacDonald has the full text of that speech here.

* Hero Initiative and Graphitti Designs also detailed their forthcoming plans that involve the retailing community.
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