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March 29, 2010

ComicsPRO Annual Meeting: Paul Levitz And Carol Kalish Receive Awards; Speakers Out The Wazoo

imageYou can hit this link for Matt Price's blog-style coverage of the recent ComicsPro meeting in Memphis: this includes the group giving its industry appreciation awards to recently downshifted DC officer Paul Levitz and the late, retailer-solicitous Marvel executive Carol Kalish (1955-1991) and making some changes to its board. I suggest you read it all. It's good to hear that there was discussion of things other than achieving #1 market share, and slightly odd to note that DC sent 12 people to the show. I think if I were a retailer I would be flattered but I would also wonder how the heck DC could afford that much manpower away from the office.

I think there's been a lot of talk about changes in strategy and approach over the years, and while I don't deny it's those kind of discussions that can get people excited about what's to come, it would be nice if there was a bit more what's been done to go along with that what's to come. It's also fascinating to me that digital rights were a big concern, and that this was the subject of Robert Kirkman's speech: I mean, I guess digital rights should be a concern, but it also seems to me that there's a lot of energy that could be placed on making the Direct Market system work more effectively before projecting on some outside bogeyman.

Kirkman; photo by Whit Spurgeon
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