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March 1, 2016

ComicsPRO Annual Meeting Wrap-Up: Appreciation Awards, Board Member Movement

The comics business news and analysis site has a brief but information-stacked report up as to formal outcomes as the ComicsPRO Annual meeting held recently in Portland, Oregon. It's probably not the most important thing that goes on at a ComicsPRO meeting -- I'm guessing that's the publisher-retailer outreach -- but they're all moves worth noting.

ComicsPRO gives out two Industry Appreciation Awards, one to a living person and one to someone no longer with us. David Gabriel, currently SVP of Sales and Marketing, won the living-person award and thanked the organization via a statement. Legendary William Gaines of EC Comics and later MAD received the posthumous version.

As far as the make-up of the organziation, Ralph Mathieu of Alternate Realities in Nevada was re-elected treasurer. Current office-holders not up for re-election can be found through that link. Carr D'Angele of Earth-2 Comics and Eric Kirsammer of Chicago Comics were replaced on the board by Patrick Brower of Challenger Comics & Conversation and Jenn Haines of The Dragon in Ontario. That is two very solid retailers -- and solid supporters of Comics Pro -- replaced by two solid retailers, although in a small organization like this one the individual personalities and skill sets hold a lot of sway. We wish everyone old and new the best.
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