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December 13, 2004

Comixpedia’s List: 25 in Webcomics

imageNothing says year-end fun like a big, long list -- as someone once said, the joy is in the excluding -- and Comixpedia serves up a nice one with its list of important persons in webcomix. Actually, I'm inferring the word "important." Comixpedia doesn't qualify their list at all, and even agonizes over it in an amusing way. If you're a print-focused on-line comics dabbler like I am, this seems a nice way to become introduced to some of the major personalities in that particular expression of the comics medium, seeing as it's filled with some familiar names to help you along, like Drew Weing, Derek Kirk Kim, James Kochalka and Scott McCloud (pictured).

I suppose this is the point where I just reprint their list like it was a press release, but stealing someone else's content sort of defeats the purpose of blogging, doesn't it?

Photo of Mr. McCloud Exuding Power and Influence by Whit Spurgeon
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