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November 29, 2004

Con News: CCI, Mid-Ohio, Anime

The comics industry news and business analysis site ICv2. com is reporting that final figure for 2004's Comic-Con International in San Diego are at 87,000; I'm not sure where they're pulling the figures, but I swear this is roughly if not exactly what had been released earlier, although I guess that could have been in a suppositional form. Conventions have become an increasingly important publicity and deal-making forum for the various comics industries.

A first impression from Mid-Ohio Con indicates that perhaps the attendance of that longtime favorite regional convention has not increased as much as CCI's, while this Anime Con losing its space I thought was worth noting as it reminds me of the travails of early comic book conventions before the larger ones became more established and some of the more haphazardly-run ones started to fade out.
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