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December 2, 2004

Condom Joke in Zits Leads to 1-Day Drop By Omaha Newspaper

imageI think it's safe to assume that the potentially offensive portion of the December 1 Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman cartoon in question that led to its being dropped for the day in Omaha is the use of a condom for a visual gag rather than, you know, the idea of sharing.

Although it's become easy to joke about these dropped strips and angry letters about editorial cartoonists on a case-by-case basis, I get the feeling we're heading into some weird days regarding complaints about content, and that comic strips are just unimportant enough in the wider schemes of most publishing them that they will continune to suffer from anything that approaches risque humor or ideological commentary. This story bears watching.

You can read the entire strip in question without my idiotic Photoshop conversion at sites that carry it new; I always liked the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for that purpose. Remember to scroll back to the appropriate day.
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