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May 28, 2016

Congratulations To Bart Beaty On Leading This Year’s Congress Of Humanities And Social Sciences


I was happy to see some press coverage for Bart Beaty on being the Academic Convener at this year's Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences. Beaty is a longtime contributor to this site, and it was my honor to work with him back in the Journal days as well. They are in very good hands with Bart in charge, and the job title makes Bart sound like a Jack Kirby villain, perhaps an agent of the Kree Empire.

There is a little bit of a comics overlap that isn't just Bart or the giant book they always choose for people to read in office photographs. At ICAF in 2014 here in Columbus, Dr. Beaty gave a fun opening address challenging his colleagues to participate more widely in general academic opportunities like leading a department or, one presumes, this Congress affair. I get the counter-arguments, but I liked the idea and I liked that Bart used his platform in a way that people discussed the issue all weekend.

I think in general comics could use more of its best people taking that next step forward in the general contexts in which they find themselves. We have the best art form, and many of the best things related to an art form, and the world should know about it.

I also hope Bart has fun. It looks like he's having fun.
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