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July 2, 2019

Congratulations To Robert Kirkman And His Creative Collaborators On Ending The Walking Dead


The notion of extending the show indefinitely after the in-narrative death of its protagonist is apparently a fake-out: issue #193 is a one-issue epilogue. As the series itself was created with the notion that there was an effect to be had by suggesting a zombie story that would never end, so is the ending an exploration of the idea of a sudden ending.

I think the success of Walking Dead as a television show made it difficult to see many of its comic book virtues: consistent craft, a willingness to play out plot scenarios at their own pace, and the overriding notion that nearly all of the damage caused by any apocalyptic scenario would be done individual to individual. I'll miss getting to read it every month, but I'd also like to do a close read in terms of its thematic work. There's a really uncomfortable notion that flared up from time to time that the primary survivor's group ability to keep going was tied into its core violence and effectiveness as murderers, and I'd like to see if that feels like a real thing at some point where I get to reflect.

This has to be a bummer for DM shops where this was a longtime solid-seller. It's hard not to see the times as discouraging for core exchanges in a lot of areas -- everything except all-ages work sold in book form, maybe, looks down, and we're losing significant cultural signifier of the high end of the cycle through which we most recently moved. I hope that everyone makes it through all right.
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